We write Just Another Magazine because we want to cover the things that matter — to us and to you

Hello and welcome to Just Another Magazine! We’re an online magazine covering wellbeing, relationships, travel, food, work and anything else that matters to us — and to you.

We’re a passionate team of writers with a love of all things lifestyle — striving to be unique, authentic and (most of all) fun. Name throwing you off? Don’t take it too seriously; we intend to stand out from the crowd.

Our mission 

At Just Another Magazine, we want to write content that we genuinely care about and are interested in — and that, hopefully, our readers are too. Whether that’s writing about the songs we currently have on repeat, offering digital dating tips or diving into deeper topics like mental health, we aim to bring our own unique take to each subject matter with intelligence, empathy and humour.

So if you want a quality magazine with personality, style and individuality, you’re in the right place. 

Stick around, and we’ll do everything we can to make it worth your while. 

– The Just Another Magazine team

Meet the team

We’re a friendly bunch here at Just Another Magazine and we love meeting new people. Let us introduce you to our lovely editors:

Laura May

Laura May is a Digital Editor at Just Another Magazine. She launched the magazine with co-founder Stevie last year and is probably at her happiest when she is writing or editing articles. 

Laura loves exploring the world too — she grew up in the UK, but used to live in California and takes any chance she can get to book a flight somewhere new and exciting!

When she’s not globetrotting, Laura finds topics around wellbeing fascinating — whether it’s mental health, physical fitness or our relationships with other people.  

Stevie Nicks

Like his namesake, Digital Editor Stevie is passionate about music and writing about it. He’s a free spirit, but one who takes a lot of pride in his strong work ethic, so you may find some articles on here under his name with some great career guidance and money-making tips. 

Stevie also loves home improvement (he has a great eye for design) and spending time with his family in his beautiful garden — so hit him up with any DIY questions!