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4 Simple & Stylish Ways To Spruce Up Your Interiors This Spring

Thinking about sprucing up your interior this spring? After a long winter lockdown you’re likely fed up with the same old scenery, so we’ve come up with some simple and stylish ways to freshen up the place when springtime rolls around. 

In this article, we talk about the following tips and tricks for creating a springtime paradise without things getting too complicated: 

  1. Embracing structures simplicity 
  2. Breathing life into your interior by introducing fresh scents
  3. Making neutral colours pop with natural pastel shades
  4. Bringing the outdoors inside

Read on and get inspired to make fresh changes that won’t give you a logistical headache. 

1. Embrace structured simplicity

Interior feeling claustrophobic and cluttered after a long year of working from home in a small space? The coming months are a perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning and adopt a more stripped-back, minimalist style. 

Often referred to as ‘structured simplicity’, this variation of trendy nordic home-living is set to be all the rage this springtime. The purpose of this style is a simple yet effective one: create an inviting, yet uncluttered space to chill and relax in.

Composition is a vital part of this process; your room shouldn’t feel cluttered, but rather planned and well thought out. Incorporate heartfelt memories and things that make a home look lived in (such as family photos and other mementoes) without overcrowding your interior.

Say goodbye to the chaotic mess of winter and hello to neutral warming colours, faded tones, sink-into sofas, hearty oak tables — and anything else that helps craft a comforting yet simplistic sanctuary so you can regenerate after a long, tiring year. 

2. Breath new life into your interiors by introducing new scents

Springtime is full of fresh aromas, so what better way to complement your stylish new interior than infusing the scent of spring into your home? 

Here at Just Another Magazine, we love reed diffusers because they elevate your mood and make any room smell divine. Whatever scent gets your senses tingling, there are plenty of options to make your interior feel rejuvenated and smell amazing. 

Check out some of our favourite diffusers to buy this spring: 

  • Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia: sweet, fruity, and floral
  • Stoneglow Nature’s Gift Red Roses: packed with botanical fragrance
  • The White Company Cassis Diffuser: a deep scent of fresh berries

None of these what you’re looking for? Check out this list for a run-down of some of the best diffusers out there, all tried and tested.

Using diffusers to make your interior smell like spring lifts the whole experience and gives your guests (when they can visit) a sensual treat even before they set their eyes on your brand new interior. 

3. Brighten up your interior by making neutrals pop

Picture springtime and what do you see? Lush green grass over rolling hills, fresh white daisies, or crisp blue skies? Spring is a visual treat exploding out the dark winter months, so make the most of these seasonal changes and give your interior a colourful pop. 

Spring decor is all about celebrating the beauty in nature, so why not use the freshly budding flowers and blossoms of spring as your aesthetic influence? When working with pastel colours you can rarely go wrong, especially when pairing them with a solid neutral tone. 

From pink pastel curtains giving the floral feel of delicate blossom to chalky blue feature walls showing off the power of Pantone, treat your eyes to this Pinterest collection by Hillary’s and get inspired to add a dash of natural colour to your home interior this spring. 

But for a classic-looking finish, don’t neglect your neutral tones! Neutrals like white and grey are year-round favourites, opening up space and creating a larger canvas for your brighter pastel colours to stand out. 

4. Celebrate nature by bringing the outdoors inside

With all its relaxing properties, you’ve likely dabbled with the idea of an indoor garden at some point in the last year, but this spring is an opportunity to get creative and truly bring the outdoors inside. 

Whether this is because you lack the luxury of garden space or want to breathe some life into your drab winter interior, remember spring is a rich tapestry of nature — so think about combining foliage of all shapes and sizes. 

Here are some popular (and durable) options bound to spruce up your interior:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Asparagus fern 
  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily 
  • Various cacti (see this list for the best variants) 

These plants carry the least fuss and are most adapted to home living, but if you want to kick up the spring-factor a notch or two then think potted violets, hydrangeas or a hibiscus plant to really get into the seasonal spirit. 

Life is complicated enough — so when sprucing up your interior this spring, there’s no need to give yourself a headache. After a long and tiresome winter, fall in love with the beauty of stylish simplicity as the days get brighter and nights get shorter.

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