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5 Fun Ideas For Your Next Couples’ Night In

Sometimes, the thought of another couples’ night in can be disheartening. 

We all relish a few hours of peace and downtime, but all too often we end up wasting this time and just scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. Next thing you know, it’s been six months and all your social life has consisted of is very successfully bingeing all of Silent Witness. 

While it’s important to be able to wind down, you need and have a bit of fun in the evenings too — you don’t want to stagnate and look back on these months wondering what you actually did with your time. So what can you do instead?

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five fun ideas to inspire your next couples’ night in:

Set the table for a romantic dinner date

Yes, okay, you probably both cook all the time. But when was the last time you wined and dined one another? 

The next time you have a couples’ night in and it’s just the two of you, why not schmooze each other and host a romantic dinner date? If you can’t go out for a meal, then bring the restaurant to you. We’re talking soft candlelight, sexy jazz playlists, flowers on the table, and plenty of wine… 

Pick your favourite dish as a couple or something that reminds you of when you first started dating. Or choose something exciting to cook — a meal you’ve always wanted to try making but never got round to, or a more complex, rich dishes that you wouldn’t normally make. 

There are loads of incredible recipes out there to try for a romantic dinner, or you can fake your own takeaway favourites — so indulge your inner chef and get creative!

You can prepare your meal together too — cooking can be a fun way to spend time with your other half as you drink and chat about your days.

Host your own film night

Film night is a great idea for your next date night in, particularly if you’re feeling pooped and all you want to do is throw yourself on your sofa. You’re still doing something fun together, but in a relaxed, stress-free environment (although that does depend on the film you pick). 

Make your living room nice and cosy — draw the curtains, dim the lights and get plenty of blankets and cushions to snuggle up in. 

Pick your film wisely; now is the chance to watch something you’ve wanted to see for a while but haven’t been able to.

You can base your snacks on your film choice as well. Of course, you can make your own popcorn (that goes without saying), but if you’re watching an American classic, you can make hot dogs or nachos. Or if you’ve chosen an Italian mob film, get a takeaway pizza. A french romance like Amelie? Accompany your film with cheese and wine. Sounds perfect. 

Get zen with some peaceful yoga

If you want something different and fun — yet relaxing — why not up your zen levels and practise some peaceful evening yoga?

If you or your partner do yoga anyway, you’ll already know how amazing this ancient form of exercise is. Practising yoga has both spiritual and physical benefits, improving your balance and core strength, as well as boosting your mood and encouraging relaxation. It’s the perfect activity after a long day of work, bringing calm to your frazzled mind and taking the stresses of the day away. 

So get out those yoga mats (if you have them — if not, you can use a normal camping mat or just do it on the carpet) and let the calm wash over you.

To increase the zen vibes, you can use soothing essential oils like lavender to calm anxiety and promote good sleep after your yoga session. 

Have a games night

A games night is a good old-fashioned way to have fun and unwind on your next night in. That’s right — put those screens away, mute your emails, and get out the games!

Whether it’s board games like Scrabble or card games like Rummy, there are all sorts of games you can play with your partner; you can even throw the invitation open to friends too, and host a bigger, more competitive games night. 

You don’t have to have someone to play against either, if your other half isn’t keen — a game of Solitaire can be just as fun and de-stressing when you’ve got a glass of wine and a fire to sit in front of. Plus, there are lots of different apps and online games that you can use to play card games.

Have a creative craft evening

A crafting session is a truly different way to spend your next couples’ night in. 

Unleash your inner creative and make something crafty or arty. Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint, but you’ve never really tried it. Or perhaps you want to have a go at making your own jewellery or clothes. Whatever it is, now is the chance to try out your crafting skills and have a fun evening too. 

Get your partner involved and create something together — or have a competition to see who can make the best version of whatever you’re trying your hand at. And, if you want to make it a more social gathering, invite some friends for a wine and craft evening where you can natter while you paint, sew or decorate.

There are loads of fun things you can do at home if you’re feeling bored. Try out one of the ideas above next time you have a couples’ night in and you’ll see how much fun doing something a bit different can be.

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