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4 Fun Ways To Make Long Car Journeys Way Less Boring

You know as well as we do that long car journeys suck. They’re tiring, restricting, and super boring. That’s why it makes such a difference if you can find a few ways to make them a little more enjoyable. 

We’ve highlighted a few fun things you can do to force the time to pass quicker on your next epic journey, (even if one of them does technically make your drive a bit longer). 

Create some great playlists

Playlists require little explanation. They’re a collection of some great songs that you can stick on during your car journeys, so that you have a banging soundtrack to your drives. 

Putting together a catalogue of songs for your journeys has the obvious benefit of giving you something else to focus on. This is ideal because it not only adds a bit of fun to your trips, but also keeps your mind from wandering when you’re on a bland motorway. 

One way that you could spice up your playlists is to turn them into a karaoke session. You and your fellow travellers could create themed song collections, such as Beyoncé bangers, Disney delights, or Andrew Lloyd Webber lungbusters. 

Spotify is the obvious choice for creating playlists, due to its depth of songs and integration with many car stereos. However, you might want to use Tidal, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, or one of the other options. You could even go old-school and burn your own CD mix.

If you’re looking for inspiration for songs to soundtrack your journeys then check out this great playlist. It’s designed for those times when you’re working from home, but has some ace tracks that are just as good in your car as they are at your desk. 

Stick on an audiobook or a podcast

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It’s not just music that you can listen to to take your mind off your boring car journey. 

There is a massive range of fun listening for your car journey aside from playlists, whether it’s an audio narration of a novel, podcasts, a TED talk, panel shows, stand-up or anything else.

The type of fun you have from your audio narration comes from the option you pick. 

Novels can transport you to a different world and keep you hooked while you drive. Podcasts can give you something lighter and shorter to dip into. TED Talks bring the excitement of learning something new. Stand-up shows can leave you belly-laughing while gripping the wheel (trust us, the time will whizz by faster if you’re laughing). 

Not sure where you can find all of these gems? You’re spoilt for choice with sources for audiobooks — Amazon, Google Play, the Apple Store and plenty of other places can all provide a range of amazing audiobook options. TED Talks can be found at Ted Podcasts or on Spotify, as can podcasts. Plus, you can find a huge number of awesome stand-up shows on YouTube, BBC, PlayerFM, or by visiting the websites of the comedians you want to listen to. 

Our recommendation is that you line up at least one novel, podcast, Ted Talk, and stand-up show if you’re planning a mega roadtrip. That way you can make your journey way less boring by giving yourself a diverse array of audio treats. 

Play the licence plate game 

The licence plate game is an oldie, but it’s a classic. It’s a game where you make up phrases based on the licence plates of the cars in front of you. 

It may sound like a simple, silly way of passing the time, and it is. Games can quickly slip into mischievous attempts to outdo your passengers, but that’s what is so great about this game. It’s a brilliant tool for driving conversations, building camaraderie, and making you forget that you’re on a long journey (one that may take hours to complete). 

Some of the ways you can make this an even more fun game is to use set topics, such as phrases that relate to Shakespeare adaptations like Ten Things I Hate About You

So, think of a few topics before your next journey and try them out once you’re on the road. 

Take the scenic route 

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The scenic route is pretty self explanatory. It’s the route that takes in the most beautiful landscapes and allows you to really enjoy the countryside you’re travelling through while you drive. It’s also often the longest route to your destination. 

Now, I hear you: “what’s fun about making a long journey longer?” Plenty, that’s what. 

Part of the drudgery of long drives is that everything is so damn samey and insipid. Every main road looks pretty much the same, each dual carriageway is almost a mirror image of the rest, and all motorways are soulless places that lack any sensory diversity. 

Of course, the scenic route can lose its charm if you don’t make the most of it. 

Here’s where we’re going to be really controversial: turn the scenic route into an excuse to stop, have a break from driving, and take in some of your surroundings. That’s right, we want you to make an extended long journey even lengthier

You plan out your trip specifically so that you could spend a fun time in a castle, have a picnic in a gorgeous meadow, or get close to a stunning natural landmark. 

While it might seem mad, the great thing about taking a detour and a break is that it will leave you fresher and give you something to talk about when you get back into your vehicle. 

Before setting off on your next journey, put your destination into Roadtrippers. It’ll give you some great scenic suggestions, so you can make your drive much more fun. 

Making a playlist, selecting some audio narration options, playing the licence plate game, and taking the scenic route are all great ways to have fun and strip the boredom away from your car journeys. 

So, try them all when you next hit the road and you’ll find it’s a much more enjoyable drive. 

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