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7 Helpful Resources for Anyone Still Dealing With COVID Anxiety

Feeling a little anxious? Yeah, me too. 

COVID has got us all feeling a little bit stressed. For some, the virus and ensuing lockdowns have been harder to deal with, leading to record numbers of people reporting feelings of anxiousness. 

Trying to manage feelings of anxiety alone can feel impossible, but it doesn’t need to be. 

Even if you don’t have access to a support network or your typical means of dealing with anxiety, there are things you can do to ease your concerns. 

We’ve put together a list of seven helpful resources that can help you deal with COVID anxiety, covering tools that offer tips for panic attacks to wonderful digital distractions. 

NHS Coronavirus 

First and foremost, to start addressing feelings of COVID anxiety you need to have your facts straight. 

You’ve no doubt spent hours looking into the intricacies of the virus, the ways it affects the human body and how you might be unwittingly spreading it. 

While we know a lot more than we did back in March, there’s still a lot of misinformation out there. That’s why it’s crucial you have a simple, honest resource that can set your mind at ease and give you the information you need to know about COVID as it emerges. 

The NHS coronavirus page is perhaps the best medical resource out there, clearly stating the symptoms of the virus and how to respond to your suspicions you might have it. It’ll keep you up to date with new restrictions, government advice and ways to get tested. A truly great resource when you’re feeling confused and scared. 

Google Arts & Culture

For many of us, it’s the feeling our lives have been snatched away from us that’s making us anxious. We’re not just separated from people we love, but the things and activities that make life worth living.  

Humans are creative creatures though, and throughout the pandemic we’ve found tons of ways to try and reconnect with the things we love, but can’t experience right now. 

Google Arts & Culture has a brilliant list of museum tours you can take online right now to distract you from lockdowns and just enjoy some beautiful, inspiring and exciting art. It’s not quite going outside, but it’s a good break from the remote working grind. 

This is a lovely way to remember there is beauty in the world and a fantastic antidote to negative headlines. 

Insight Timer

Meditation is one of the most commonly suggested methods of dealing with feelings of anxiety. However, for many, getting into meditation can be incredibly confusing and anxiety-inducing in its own right. 

How can I know I’m doing this right? What if I forgot to stop and breathe when I’m having an attack? Do I really want to subscribe to access the good features on this app? 

There are a lot of questions, but Insight Timer makes meditation simple. Not only is it 100% free, but it includes a ton of different voice-guided meditation courses for all kinds of people. Just the simplicity you need to get started on a mindfulness journey. 

Guided breathing gifs

Still struggling with your breathing techniques? 

If you’re having trouble finding your rhythm, it can be enough to make you give up on meditation and mindfulness altogether. We accept that solution isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you need something easier to follow, with a whole lot less jargon. 

These guided breathing gifs are just about the easiest and most tech-friendly ways to meditate we’ve ever seen. Following alone with the shape of your choice is so simple and natural you’ll quickly forget why you were even anxious. 

A great tool that works in tandem with all kinds of meditation apps. Give it a try next time you’re starting to panic about COVID. 

Kooth Student

2020 has been a difficult year to be a student. 

From grading fiascos to remote learning to graduating online, no one is quite getting the experience they expected. 

It’s enough to be anxious about coronavirus, but trying to ignore it when you’re away from home for the first time and supposed to be enjoying the best days of your life? That’s easier said than done. 

Fortunately, Kooth Student is still offering online counselling to students across the UK. Whether you’re a fresher or mature student finishing their masters, Kooth Student’s counsellors will have time for a chat with you once a week. If you find it hard to talk to people close to you about personal issues this might just be the solution to your COVID-induced fears. 

Kooth also offers a number of resources through its website aimed directly at students. Perfect for feeling like someone understands your personal experience. 


COVID is causing us to experience anxiety for all kinds of reasons, but if you have a child relying on you, it can be even more demanding and invasive. 

Trying to explain what’s happening in the world to your child, younger sibling or even a student can be very challenging. It’s a difficult time and so much of what they were learning about the world has been flipped on its head. 

To help keep them up to date with the virus and explain it in a comforting fashion, we recommend this video series from BrainPop. These fun cartoons outline the main details in a manner even young children can understand, from washing your hands to why they can’t see their friends right now. 

Being a parent, guardian or older sibling in an unprecedented situation like this will no doubt put pressure on you. That’s why resources that both inform and entertain are more important than ever. A huge weight off your shoulders. 

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

There’s not much I can say that will make Do Nothing For 2 Minutes sound more exciting than it is. Everything you need to know is in the name. 

Sometimes we all need to step away and take a break. If you feel like the COVID-ravaged world is too much for you, load up this website, take a deep breath and just enjoy sweet nothingness for a little while. 

Ignore your phone, don’t answer those emails and don’t panic about what’s happening outside your window. 

And if you need more than two minutes, don’t worry — we won’t tell anyone. 

As you’ve probably been told time and time again, it’s totally normal to feel anxious about COVID-19 and the seemingly never-ending pandemic. But it really is true, and it’s important to not forget this fact. 

These resources will help you feel safe, put the pandemic in perspective and make life easier for you. Right now everyone needs to feel comfortable and safe, and we hope these resources do that for you and the people you love.

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