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6 Top Tips To Make The Most Of A Small City Garden

A small city garden might feel quite restrictive, but with the right design and plants, you can make it into a perfect green outdoors escape that feels way bigger than it actually is. 

We’ve put together six great tips and tricks for making the most of a small city garden. 

Use your vertical space

Your square footage might be limited, but using the vertical space in your garden is a great way to maximise the space that you do have. You can add hanging baskets to trees or hooks, and you can put planters all the way up the fences and walls.

If you can’t attach things to the walls, then you can always invest in a tiered planter or even an old ladder can be used to display a whole load of plant pots in a quirky and unique way.

Plant pots attached to the wall in a small city garden.

Image: Pexels

You can also try out trellises and walls to grow climbing plants that won’t require a lot of ground space — plenty of fruit trees and vegetables like beans and peas will happily grow up a wall. And, as an added bonus, the climbing plants can be used to hide any ugly walls or add a bit more privacy to your garden if it’s overlooked by the neighbours.

Fill the space with pots and planters

Instead of using up lots of your garden with flower beds, invest in some big plant pots, planters, and containers. They’re easier to move around when you want to change the space, and bigger pots will actually make the space feel less cluttered and busy than lots of smaller pots.

Group your pots into a few areas to create some bursts of colour and life. It’s a lot easier to look after potted plants — they won’t get as overgrown, you can change it up when you want a garden revamp, and you can move them to get more or less sunlight when they need it.

If you want a bigger space then you can invest in a few containers to create flower beds without having to dig up the ground.

Choose the right plants

You don’t want to waste a lot of garden space on housing tools and equipment to tend to fussy plants. 

Instead, choose bright, colourful plants that can grow with minimal attention such as Dianthus, Cosmos, and Snapdragons. These are low maintenance plants that just need sunshine and regular watering. 

Create different areas by partitioning your garden

Dividing your garden into smaller spaces is actually a good way to make it appear bigger than it is. If you can’t see the full extent of the garden all at once, it seems like there’s more to it. 

Trellis in a garden with a raspberry plant growing on it.

Image: Pexels 

Add a short fence or some trellis with climbing plants across the garden to create a second section. You can have one area that you fill with plants and gardening, and then behind the fence set up a chair to relax in. Each separate area will be quite small but you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in — and how much bigger it will look.

Invest in the right garden furniture

You might not be able to fit in a full outdoor sofa or twelve-person table, but you can invest in a small table and chairs that fold away. And if you want something to lounge in the sun, then a deckchair can fold up flat so that it takes up minimal space when you’re not using it.

Add a few outdoor cushions so that people can sit comfortably on the ground and get a compact barbecue, and you’ll even be able to host your own garden parties in the summer

Bring the garden indoors

Three plants in pots on a coffee table in front of a sofa.

Image: Pexels

When space is really limited outdoors, you can always add plenty of plants inside your home. 

There are lots of really easy-to-care-for houseplants out there — plus, you can also grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill. And if you fancy growing your own produce, there are some vegetables and fruits that can thrive indoors if you set them up in the right way — such as carrots, avocados, and lemons. 

Bringing your garden inside will help your home to feel more spacious, green, and it’s a great eco-friendly way to decorate

Even with a small city garden, there are a lot of possibilities for enjoying the benefits of gardening, growing some beautiful plants, and creating a relaxing outdoor space. From trellises and climbing plants to dividing up your garden, these tips will help you to maximise even the smallest of gardens. 

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