Sex & Relationships

Lockdown Love: The 5 Dating Trends of 2021 That You Should Know About

Dating trends come and go: orbiting, breadcrumbing, benching, curving… The list is endless. Every new year brings unusual trends that professional (and amateur) singletons need to know to stay ahead of the dating game. But this is a particularly unusual year. People are finding love against the looming spectre of the pandemic, and some leftfield …

A notepad ready for goals to be added.
Health & Wellness

5 Positive Steps For Setting Goals (And Achieving Them) Even In 2021

The last year has taught us all so many things. Company is important (even for introverts), working in pyjamas isn’t quite as great as we all hoped, and we all need structure in our lives.  However much we always complained about our daily tasks, they helped to keep us moving and made it clear that …

Health & Wellness

How Can Students Manage COVID Anxiety While Isolating?

Isolating because of COVID is bad enough as it is — but doing it when you’ve very recently moved away to university is even more challenging.  The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in so many previously unimaginable ways. Social contact has been all but eradicated, the pleasures that make life worth living pushed aside …


7 Achievable Ways Drivers Can Be More Sustainable

Many of us have started to become more eco-conscious over the last few years — and about time. Thanks to the beyond-her-years wisdom of Greta Thurnberg, worrying climate change reports, inaction from the government, and David Attenborough’s nature documentaries making us cry on the reg, the planet’s wellbeing is rapidly rising to the top of …

A shovel digging up dirt in the garden ready for spring.
Home Decor & Design

Gardening For Beginners: 7 Easy Tasks To Get You Started This Spring

If you’re new to gardening or haven’t had time to look after yours properly before, then spring is the perfect time to start getting it into shape. With a bit of tidying, preparation, and planting you’ll be able to have a garden full of beautiful blooms when the summer comes around. Read on for our …

Work & Money

How To Crush Your New Job In 2021 (Even If You’re Working From Home)

Starting a new job is an exciting and stressful time, even normally. Add 2021 to that, and you’re also likely to be working remotely — which creates all sorts of new considerations and challenges to think about. From virtual training sessions, to self-learning, to only meeting your colleagues on Zoom and not being able to …

A plate of healthy food including eggs, cherries, avocado, and tuna, to naturally boost your immune system.
Food,Health & Wellness

11 Amazing Foods To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Eating well is an important part of staying fit and healthy. You need to eat a balanced diet so that your body is getting everything it needs.  It probably won’t come as a surprise that there are certain foods with high levels of vitamins and minerals that can make a real difference to how your …

Work & Money

A Short List Of Home Office Improvements To Maximise Productivity

Home offices were once very much in the minority, used only by freelancers, solopreneurs and a select number of people working for office-based companies. Now, they’re the norm and could end up becoming a permanent feature of businesses everywhere. Productivity was long a rationale against working from home — the logic being that if you’re …

Woman with plant leaves across her face.
Health & Wellness

Green Therapy: Why Gardening Is So Good For Your Wellbeing

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by millions of people, but it’s more than just a way to pass the time — it can have significant benefits for your physical and mental health.  But how does this work? What exactly are these wellbeing benefits — and why does gardening have such a positive effect on people’s …

Work & Money

From Side Hustle To Serious: Taking the Next Steps With Your Biz

Whether it’s starting an ecommerce store and selling online, tutoring and sharing your expertise, blogging or vlogging, there are plenty of ways to make a bit of extra money with the skills and experience you already have.  But as your side hustle starts to grow, you might be considering pursuing it as a full-time opportunity.  …