A rented apartment loft transformed by houseplants
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Our Top Tips For Transforming Your Home When You’re Renting

It’s hard to feel at home in a rented property.  On average, renters in the UK spend 20 months in a property. The average cost of renter property and typical lifestyle of a private renter means they spend a lot of time moving around. That’s hardly enough time to really make a place feel like …

Young professional preparing to ace their next job interview
Work & Money

6 Strategies to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Our latest guest article is by ICS Learn — a leading UK-based learning provider.  The fact that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic means that job interviews have naturally gone digital. As a result, the strategies that we were previously accustomed to using, pre-corona, will need to adapt too. Here are six of …

a group of friends having fun while living frugally
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Why Living Frugally Doesn’t Mean Having A Dull Existence

When many people hear the words ‘frugal living’, they instantly associate it with being boring, unable to do anything, and staying at home not spending any money.   But this isn’t necessarily the case — living frugally does mean being careful with your money and not making every impulse purchase you get tempted by, but you …

Jobseeker trying to stay focused while looking for employment
Work & Money

5 Ways You Can Stay Focused While You’re Between Jobs

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been unemployed.  The days can be very stressful as you worry about paying rent and bills, but when you’re unemployed in your 20s, life is often as boring as it is anxiety-inducing.  That boredom can make it difficult to do that one thing you have to do …

Sex & Relationships

What Are The Challenges Of Dating With Depression?

Dating can be a minefield at the best of times, but when you’re dealing with depression, the idea of dating can seem pretty impossible. But that doesn’t mean you should give up completely. Here, we’ve covered how to navigate the challenges of dating with depression. Dealing with your critical voice People with depression are adept …

Woman leaning over a plant pot looking after a plant.
Home Decor & Design

6 Top Tips To Make The Most Of A Small City Garden

A small city garden might feel quite restrictive, but with the right design and plants, you can make it into a perfect green outdoors escape that feels way bigger than it actually is.  We’ve put together six great tips and tricks for making the most of a small city garden.  Use your vertical space Your …

Driver feeling anxious and stressed before getting on the road.

Anxious Driver? How To Feel Less Stressed On The Road

Feeling anxious behind the wheel? You’re not alone. Driving phobia is one of the most common fears in the UK. But driving needn’t be that bad — there are numerous ways to manage your stress and experience the joy of being in the driver’s seat. In this article, we cover the following ways you can …

Health & Wellness

How To Decompress After Working From Home (Without Heading Straight To The Sofa)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — working from home can make it really tough to decompress when you’ve finished your shift for the day.  The balance between your work life and home life is blurred and this makes it hard to take your mind away from your job.  Lucky for you, …

Home Decor & Design

4 Simple & Stylish Ways To Spruce Up Your Interiors This Spring

Thinking about sprucing up your interior this spring? After a long winter lockdown you’re likely fed up with the same old scenery, so we’ve come up with some simple and stylish ways to freshen up the place when springtime rolls around.  In this article, we talk about the following tips and tricks for creating a …