7 Travel Essentials For The Millennial Woman

Travelling is one of the most popular past-times of millennial women. Whether you’re into fun road trips around the Everglades, or would rather be in Bali on a peaceful yoga retreat, here are some key travel essentials that will make your life easier. Thank us later!

Travel safety kit

A travel safety kit is a millennial travel must-have — especially for adventurous wilderness travellers. You never know when it will come in handy…

Though there are some universal travel safety kit essentials you’ll no doubt be familiar with (torch, plasters, sickness tablets etc.), there are also plenty of regional variants. 

Research the areas you’ll be travelling in to get a feel for any potential risks you might encounter. Some things you may need to add to your list, depending on where you’re travelling to include:

  1. Medical documents (especially if you have a condition like asthma)
  2. Allergy medication (EpiPens are a must for any known serious allergies)
  3. Mosquito nets (essential in some areas of Africa)
  4. Malaria tablets (you may need to take a course of these before travel)
  5. Snake bite kits
  6. Medicine like painkillers, antacids etc.

Multipurpose clothing and shoes

Pack clothes and outfits that can take you from bar to beach (and back again). Cotton, linen, bamboo and Tencel are good materials to look out for — they dry quickly, keep you cool (or warm), and won’t go out of shape during travel.

Jumpsuits are great travel favourites that can be both smart and practical. Classic looks like white tees and denim never go out of style either. 

You want to look good when you travel, but it’s also a good idea to dress culture-appropriately in certain areas. Scarves can help you quickly cover up if you need to. Don’t forget hats and headscarves for the sun.

Shoes-wise, opt for a few solid pairs that you have already ‘broken in’. Smart trainers will never be a bad choice for vacation footwear.

Travel-friendly underwear

There is nothing worse than having the wrong underwear when travelling, especially when heading to a hot destination. 

Underwires that dig in, synthetic and uncomfortable materials and wasted space in your luggage are the things that travel nightmares are made of. 

  1. Favour cotton, linen, and moisture-wicking bras and panties for ultimate comfort and style. Simple nude colours mean you have to pack less and always have the right underwear for your outfit that day. Plus points for versatile bras you can customize
  2. Leakproof panties are good for when you get a period when travelling. Nowadays, you can even get different styles like thongs and shorts. (Speaking of, a moon cup can be a good idea for periods on the go)
  3. Underwear that dries quickly is practical as you can wash and dry it in small spaces. Get quick-drying underwear and take the hassle out of travel laundry.


Millennials can be a pretty stressed-out generation, but mindfulness is helping many people cope with life’s challenges.

Mindfulness, stress relief, and relaxation are all great things to explore on your next vacation. Take some time out for yourself and bring your mindfulness practise with you. 

For example, yoga is an easy way to re-energize during your travels, or a meditation podcast can keep you zen as you soak up the sun on the beach (or sit on the plane). By taking a few small items with you (or just downloading some podcast episodes), you’re committing to taking care of your mind as well your body.

A vacation is a great time to listen to and connect with yourself. Challenge yourself to have a more mindful holiday and consider engaging in activities like journaling, colouring etc.

Travel backpack

A backpack is a great travel luggage essential as it’s both stylish and easy to carry. Wearing a backpack means that you can fit a lot of stuff into a small space, and a backpack is better for your back when it comes to carrying things. (Top tip: learn how to pack your backpack well and practice this before you go).

These days you can get cool travel backpacks with lots of compartments and safety features. PackHacker has a great guide to travel backpacks — highlighting how their versatility and light-weight material make them perennial travel favourites.

A good travel backpack is worth investing in — and get something stylish you will be happy to be seen in the city as well.


A GoPro is a great way to create video content from your travels, and these lightweight and hardy cameras are behind some of the most engaging travel content of recent years. (Check out the epic GoPro YouTube channel).

Even if you’re not a hardcore adventure travel fan, filming your trip with a GoPro is an easy way to make lots of beautiful memories.

Especially if you’re planning to write a blog or create content about your trip, the raw material from GoPro filming makes for engaging footage to structure your story around.

Battery packs

There is nothing worse than running out of battery in a foreign town (especially if you’re in the middle of navigating). Carry around charged battery packs so that you don’t ever have to miss out on a spontaneous adventure because you had to go back to charge your phone.

Serious about your devices? Solar battery packs can help gadget-loving campers out in a tight spot.

Remember, you could also get a travel phone with longer battery life (or leave the gadgets at home and have a digital detox).

Travelling can help you widen your horizons. Pack smart and make the most of the great opportunities afforded to you through travel.

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